Max Wilhelm Tilmann


Max Wilhelm Tilmann (born 1972) has been educated as mechanical engineer at the Federal Technical Institut of Zurich, Switzerland. He obtained his diploma in 1996, having specialized in energy-systems and process technology and chemical-plant design. He was able to obtain further experience in engineering during his employements as development-engineer in engine-development and in the windturbine segment of a large British electrical power-group as well as in the planning of large chemical plants during his employment with a German chemical-group.

Max Tilmann completed his training as patent attorney in 2001. He acquired indepth experience of legal problems during his placements at the civil court in Düsseldorf, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Patent Court. He obtained further legal training through a correspondence course at the university of Hagen. He mainly counsels for clients in the field of mechanical engineering, medical devices and control engineering. Furthermore he is responsible for trademark, industrial design and licensing cases aswell as guidance in cases regarding the law relating to inventions of employees. He conducts the proceedings before the German Patent and trade-mark office aswell as at the Federal Court of Patents and the Federal Supreme Court.

Max Tilmann has taken the English A-level exams at a boarding school in England and speaks English as his second mother tongue. His trips to Asia, Africa and America have given him a deepened understanding of national customs and offer a good basis for an international activity.Max is recommended by Legal 500 and JUVE for mechanical engineering and physics.